Chaturbate Overview

Chaturbate is an online platform hosted on website, which provides adult entertainment via the internet. Its content can either be accessed freely or after registering for membership.

It was founded in the year 2011, and has undergone exponential growth just within 4 years. Today, it is one of the leading websites that provide adult entertainment. It boasts of approximately 4, 000 members drawn from across the world.

Special Features available on Chaturbate

The following are some of the special features that can be enjoyed by members on the Chaturbate platform:

  • Anonymity-when registering as a guest user, one’s personal email is not required
  • More than 800 models are available online 24/7
  • Multiple chat rooms available for both basic and premium members
  • Payment can be conveniently made using a wide range of methods, such as Credit/Visa/Master/Debits cards, money orders, or wire transfers.
  • Affordable pricing, and the payment methods are safe and secure (not susceptible to fraud/hacking)
  • Comprehensive user FAQ & friendly customer support
  • Content is available in many different languages (Arabic, Chinese, German, Turkish, and English, among others)
  • Live video streaming plus a messaging platform
  • Thousands of members from different countries are available

Types of Membership

There are three main types of membership that participants on Chaturbate can subscribe to. Members can choose one of more of the categories. They are as follows;

  • Guest Users: members have access to free shows only, and are restricted from playing any active roles in the shows.
  • Basic membership: members have access to free web cam chatting, active chatting on multiple web cameras and video streaming
  • Premium membership: benefits include web cam chatting, simultaneous access to multiple web cams, video streaming and an interactive platform for sending/receiving messages.

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After logging into the site, members can choose any of the following;

  • Exhibitionist shows
  • Private shows
  • Group shows

Age Brackets

Members belong to any of the following age brackets. By selecting their age brackets, they are able to access content that has been specially designed to suit their preferences.

18-21 years 20-30 years 30-50 years 50 years and above


By browsing and selecting any of the following options, members can have access to models or other members from the particular region(s);

North-America South-America Euro-Russia Asia Philippines Africa

Languages Available

Chaturbate has translated the content into many different languages so as to suit the needs of their customers who speak different languages. The content is available in the following languages; Arabic, Chinese, German, Turkish, English, Russian, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French, Korean, Hindi, Japanese and Italian.

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The tokens can be bought using different denominations, which are then converted into US dollars. The prices have been broken down into the following categories, depending on the number of tokens purchased;

  • 100 tokens – 11 US dollars
  • 200 tokens – 21 US dollars
  • 500 tokens -45 US dollars
  • 750 tokens – 63 US dollars
  • 1,000 tokens – 80 US dollars
  • 2,025 tokens – 160 US dollars

If you do not want to pay, you can make use of a free ChaturbateTokenHacks.

Payment Methods

The following payment methods can be used during registration or purchase of tokens; Credit/Visa/Master/Debits cards, money orders, or wire transfers.


The following are some of the limitations associated with Chaturbate token:

Occasional freezing of screens Quality of sound may vary During free chatting, web cams may become unresponsive.

LiveJasmin Overview

LiveJasmin is an adult entertainment website available on an interactive online platform. According to The Alexa Internet, LiveJasmin is one of the most popular websites for those seeking adult entertainment on the internet.

The website is specially designed and maintained by in-house computer engineers. It has a membership of about 40, 000 people spread across the world, and more than 1,000 beautiful models who are readily available online.


LiveJasmin was established in the year 2001 by Gattyan Gyorgy, an e-commerce entrepreneur from Germany. Initially, the site went by the name Jasmin. Hu. The main objective was to establish a reality show almost similar to the conventional TV reality shows, but hosted on an internet platform, and infused with sexual candor, targeting those who wish to obtain sexual satisfaction online.

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Special Features

The following are some of the unique features that members can enjoy after registering on LiveJasmin:

  • A wide range of steaming and hot camera shows
  • Thousands of members ranging from teenage girls, boys, fetish females, couples, lesbians, homosexuals, mature women and transsexuals
  • Recorded videos of steaming sex sessions, and these videos are available on demand.
  • Choice of one or more models or other members, depending on tastes or preferences
  • Private and secure chatting with other registered members or models through a messaging platform
  • Safe, secure and affordable billing through Visa, Click2pay, Master Card, Direct Debit and American Express. There are no hidden charges.
  • Steamy sex sessions that can be watched live in either normal size, full size or double size.
  • More than 165, 000 sexy photos are available in the LiveJasmin photo gallery.
  • Online interaction with sex therapists and relationship counselors
  • Comprehensive user FAQs and friendly customer support.


The performers on this platform are placed under different categories, depending on their skills, background, physiological and physical features. The following are the main categories:

Teenage girls; between 18-22 years, ebonies, blondes, Asians, whites, Latinos, big tits and small tits Lesbians; 18-22 years, ebony, blondes, Asians, whites, Latinos, big tits and small tits Mature females; mommies, ebonies, grannies, Asians, blondes, Latinos and whites Fetish females; latex, uniform, leather and mask Couples; hard cores, inter-racial and anal shows

Threesomes; interracial, 3 girls, 2 boys vs. 1 girl and 2 girls vs. 1 boy Teenage boys; between 18-22 years, ebony, muscular, Asians, skinny, big size, Latinos, whites. Homosexuals; between 18-22 years, ebony, muscular, Asians, skinny, big size, Latinos, whites Transsexuals; between 18-22 years, ebony, whites, Asians and Latinos Hermaphrodites Non-nudity category; dating, getting married, making friends and nasty words

Membership and Rates

Only fully registered members can access LiveJasmin hack. They are charged for every minute that they spend on the website, using a special credit system. The credits are packaged into four main categories;

30 USD (inclusive of one VIP point) 70 USD (inclusive of three VIP points) 100 USD (inclusive of five VIP points) 160 USD (inclusive of ten VIP points)

Free trial packages are also available for a period of 20 days. They include;

Group chat Video on demand Private shows

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Payment can be made using the following platforms; Visa, Click2pay, Master Card, Direct Debit and American Express.

Chaturbate Offers Users A Fun Sexual Experience

It is quite easy to fall for the site Chaturbate. The moment you click to enter a video chat room for free, you can feast your eyes on a wondrous sight of a beautiful woman showing off her sensual body. In fact, it is more exciting than what you would expect to see in other similar sites that mainly focus on adult chat.

Even if you are browsing through the best webcam internet sites, camgirls will rarely strip naked. You would have to show them some money and in most cases, nudity is not allowed when having free chat sessions.

If you wish to have control on the Chaturbate, you can tip the girls. It is interesting to note that this particular adult webcam site offers users a complete experience and you simply do not just chat, get through emotions and leave immediately after.

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The site has numerous ways of keeping its users completely entertained. The majority of women on the site who do performances on various chat rooms run and maintain blogs while others are featured in sexy stories.

The message boards availed on the site unlike other sites is real since both performers and members use them. Since anyone can access the site and watch a sex show, chat rooms on Chaturbate are filled with lots of people and it may initially give you the impression that is a crazy party.

Even though it may initially seem crowded, it is actually quite enjoyable. It is a lot of fun reading comments while participating in the sexual game as it unfolds on your screen. So, you will not get bored while you participate in the chat.

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Last but certainly not least, token bonuses are available on Charturbate. So, if you are in need of additional tokens, you can invite friends, upgrade your membership, go beyond your daily spending limit or make use of a free Chaturbate token hack. Furthermore, you can also broadcast your web cam as well. Even so, some people are likely to have a problem with this since some people are not able to put on a good show.

However, if you trust your abilities and you wish to participate as a performer, you will be glad to learn that you can actually broadcast your web camera. On lots of web cam sites on the internet, you can access very cheap private sex shows, however doing so is not advisable. Just opt for the mind-blowing porn shows on Chaturbate.

LiveJasmin is one of the most popular, long-running live cam websites in the web nowadays because it never fails to offer and deliver what its customers want – and that is just about any girl that is sure to tickle their pickle.

Its direct, no-nonsense categories like “Girl”, “Lesbian”, “Mature”, “Fetish”, and more, are complemented by subcategories such as “Age 18”, “Big Tits”, “Latin Women”, “Blonde”, etc., making sure that you’d be able to find the type of girl/situation that you currently like in no time at all.

LiveJasmin HackLiveJasmin’s improved and repolished interface is deserving of much praise as well because it really served to enhance the site’s already apparent user-friendliness. The models are presented in single pictures in all their HD glory, showcasing their feminine charms and curves.

This makes it easier for the user to decide which one he likes based on the models’ looks alone. Compared to other live cam sites out there, which only feature a not-too-high-def picture of their models, this is a real plus for LiveJasmin.

A single click on the picture of his liking would transport the user to the model’s intimate cam space. Here, the HD (mostly) live cam feed begins and you can start chatting with the model, either as a registered user or a guest. In this page as well, you can see the general characteristics of each model like Age, Breast Size, Gender, Build, etc and a few more HD pics, as well as the type of fetish that they are into (i.e. dancing, roleplay, domination, to name a few.)

A 5-star rating meter is displayed next to the model’s profile picture, which shows the average rating that the model has gotten from her past clients. Again, another plus for user-friendliness and information.

The models of Live Jasmin, while there are a number who are not too attractive based on facial or physical factors alone, are mostly good-looking, pretty and sexy – whether they be MILFs, teens, coeds, men, or transgenders. Some are even bubbly and lively conversationalists, and would not hesitate to A few are even masters of the art of sex talk and teasing, as is evident in the extensive hours that users spend with them in Private Chat.

And such is their expertise, that sometimes the user ends up not seeing any of the model’s more intimate parts, well after all his credit’s gone. And this is, perhaps, one downside of LiveJasmin, as some of its models are too reluctant (and too crafty) to strip in front of the camera.

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Overall, LiveJasmin is a site worth visiting and exploring, due primarily to its vast selection of HD models, available 24/7. If you intend to get into more intimate sessions with one of the models though, you had better be prepared to spend your dough. New users can delight in the fact that they can be given as much as 9.99 free credits (you can also use a free LiveJasmin hack which can be easily found when searching on Google) upon registration, based on the amount of their first deposit.

This could prove to be insufficient, though, as most models charge at an average rate 2 credits per minute. But for the quality (and sexually stimulating) time you could spend with a model? It’s pretty much worth your every penny.