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5 Tips on How to Get Over a Cold Fast

There is no known cure for common cold. No body in this world likes to hear about the word common cold. More than two-hundred viruses cause the common cold symptoms. You should not worry anymore since there are tips on how to overcome this menace. Here are the top five on how to get over a cold.

Drinking a lot of clean water is an essential tip in surpassing cold. Staying hydrated is essential when one is ill. Taking a lot of water helps to break down the congestion. Water can also help our body in fighting the virus since it strengthens our immune system. You should remember that caffeinated drinks such as coffee acts as diuretics. If you take the diuretics, you will end up losing more water from your body. You should avoid drinking coffee at all cost when suffering from cold. The medics recommend taking non-caffeinated tea, plenty of water and small quantities of juices.

A rest is vital when having a cold. It is common for various people to work even when they are ailing. One will surely be under productive when having a common cold. Your mind will possibly think about resting other than doing what is needed of you. Ensure that you don’t pressure your body by going to work. Staying at home will ensure that your recovery time takes a short period.

Also, it is important to keep warm. In most cases, the cold is gotten due to exposure to cold weather; therefore, ensure your body is kept warm. You can attain warmth by staying under the blankets or wearing warm cloths. You can also keep your body warm by taking a hot bowl of soup or hot cup of tea. The itchy coughs and sore throats can be eliminated by taking a bowl of hot soup. As most people note, chicken soup will definitely keep your body warm.

Another option is to use medicine. It is not advisable to use many pills to treat the cold since it is caused by a virus. The cold is usually nowhere near our body after a few days and we should thus not use too much drugs to treat the menace. Nobody likes the symptoms of cold, therefore, it is important to eliminate them. One can consider using the various anti-inflammatory drugs such as the ibuprofen. The pill helps in regulating the body temperature and not reliving the pain.

It is also important to consider rinsing your mouth with salty water. Taking salty water is vital since it reduces the pain produced by the aching throat. The gargling of salty water can also reduce the rawness as well as the swelling on the throat. The salty water can be prepared by combining 1/2 teaspoon of salt and a cup of warm water. Remember that the salty water is not primary used as a cure but a pain reliever.